What should I bring for the session?
Please bring along a swimsuit, a bottle of water, some sunscreen, a cap or even a rash guard if needed. No other equipment is required.

What if I am pregnant?
If you are pregnant, then you can still participate in Aquafit sessions. Our sessions have been recommended by Doctors as the water helps alleviate the weight of the baby, and keep you cool. You can join us at any time during your pregnancy.

What if I just recovered from an injury or surgery?
Please seek advice from your Doctor. If he/she clears you to exercise in the water, then you are safe to join our classes! Aquafit is really soft on joints and bones and helps rehabilitate knee/hip injuries.

How old do you have to be to join Aquafit?
Aquafit classes are open to all ages, the minimum height requirement is 1.5 metres.

Can I Aquafit if I can’t swim?
Yes! Our sessions are in the shallow end of the pool, and at no time is your head submerged in the water.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?
First-timers are urged to come 10 minutes in advance to speak with your instructor and understand how to use the equipment, and how the session is run.

Can I share a package with my friend or family member?

No, all Aquafit package are for individual use and cannot be shared.

If I buy an Intro week package, can I come to two Tuesday classes?

Our into week package is valid for 7 days, if you begin on a Tuesday, it will expire the following Monday.

All package are activated at your first class.

I am a beginner, will it be ok to join a class and which classes are best for me?

The beauty of Aquafit is that we cater for all abilities levels, as long as you are working at your own pace to the best of your ability you will benefit from the session.