What is Aquafit

AquaFit brings you a low-impact, high-intensity, water workout Designed to keep you cool all year round. 

Our 45-minute aqua cycling classes provide you with a full-body workout that increases muscle resistance, improves cardiovascular endurance and burns fat using stationary underwater bikes.

  • Push harder and get stronger in a fun, energetic setting.

  • Achieve maximum results with zero impact on your joints and bones.

  • Flush your body of toxins that cause unwanted cellulite and improve your blood circulation

  • Aquafit classes are specifically designed for all fitness levels. We use water as resistance so you set the intensity.

  • Regular programme updates will keep you coming back for more.

  • Join a friendly community and work out in a non-competitive environment.

Aquafit Signature

Aquafit Signature

You will sculpt and tone your body with our 45 minute iconic class. Designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories. Using various positions on and off the bike, this workout targets specific parts of your legs and glutes, incorporating different swim strokes to tone the arms – with an ab session to ensure your whole body feels the benefits of the water workout.

The perfect class to start your Aquafit journey. Classes start from 100 AED

Aquafit Burn

Aquafit Burn

This 45-minute cardio-based Aqua cyclist class. Similar to our signature class, Aquafit Burn combines endurance, HITT and speed with more focus on cardio and your lower body. Aquafit Burn delivers stronger, leaner legs while burning excess calories and improving fitness and toning. The reduced after-effects of the water mean you can safely enjoy leg day the day after.

Check out our intro week offer for new riders. 2 classes in 7 days for 150 AED.

Aquafit Tone

Aquafit Tone

This 45 minute Aquatic circuit class uses our specialist bikes to increase heart rate and burn calories and hydro-exercise equipment to condition your upper body and abs. A combination of water resistance and power generated from our equipment will make you feel the burn without the unwanted effects of standard load-bearing exercises.

Any 5 classes for 450 AED


Aquafit’s sessions have been specially designed to be challenging yet fun cycling sessions.

Each session is tailored to provide a full-body workout, using various fitness techniques in order to get the most out of each minute. We incorporate a variety of positions to target specific parts of the legs, arms (and abs!), and a variety of speeds to promote strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Total body conditioning

Classes are designed to work your whole body. The cycling aspect of the class works your leg muscles, with added resistance from the water – we incorporate swimming stokes to tone arms and even use the bikes to work your abs. The water temperature helps regulate your core temperature while you train, maximising your cardio fitness, endurance and stamina.

Burn more calories

Water resistance is 800x that of air resistanace and it remains constant. Aqua biking works two opposing muscles at the same time, burning twice as many calories as land-based cycling.

Decrease stress levels

Being in the water provides a calming, soothing, and generally more comfortable exercise environment, without compromising any of the benefits of a high-intensity workout.

Improve blood circulation

Hydrostatic pressure and aquatic massage help boost blood circulation in your body. This prevents and reduces water retention under the skin and can reduce the signs of varicose veins.

Improve immune system

Regular exercise will boost your immune system and help fight off infections. Exercise allows immune cells to perform effectively, promoting good circulation which can in turn help strengthen antibodies.

Keep cool

Our pool is temperature controlled for all seasons, providing an environment that is cooler than a gym or indoor area – even during summer. This mean you can push harder, sweat less and won’t feel drained afterwards.

Low impact, safe for all

The water’s buoyancy provides support for working muscles. Training body parts submerged underwater dramatically reduces the amount of weight and impact on your joints, encouraging a more fluid motion. The buoyancy helps prevent falls and injuries, with less likelihood of accidental injury- this makes the idea exercise for expecting mothers.

Decrease body fat levels, bust cellulite

Aqua cycling’s main advantage is its ability to reduce the amount of fat stored in your body. Cycling underwater creates a natural friction between your skin and the water. This massaging action helps regulate and drain the lymphatic system. You should try AquaFit if you are looking for a new, proven and natural way to remove unwanted cellulite