One of the major benefits of the Dubai climate, even those roasting summer months, is that there is ample opportunity for us to indulge in water based activities. With literally thousands of swimming pools, not to mention the giant ocean, keeping aqua fit couldn’t be easier. But the best news is that it is actually really good for you, and in many cases, better for you than non-water based work outs. Whilst some people are devoted runners, spinners and bootcampers, for many of us, age, sore joints or injuries mean exercising can be painful. Even if you are fighting fit, the recovery from classes or going through the paces in the gym can be lengthy and sore. In this way, water is a game-changer.

It centres around buoyancy. Water makes you buoyant which takes the stress off your joints. As well as this being particularly helpful for those carrying excess weight (and therefore a great work out for those kick-starting a fitness routine), it also allows you to work out more vigorously with little chance of injury. Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School who studies the role of physical activity in disease prevention, points out that even “recreational swimming will burn about the same calories as brisk walking”, and that all studies show the major benefits of water exercise on cardiovascular health, as well as being an activity that can be done at any age, by any skill set.

Burn calories and smooth those legs

By starting AquaFit in the UAE, Sian Bentley has brought a powerful new aqua work out that is guaranteed to transform the fitness levels of those taking part, as well as being incredibly fun! AquaFit is a whole body work out that will enhance your core, strength and fitness. It is a comprehensive equipment-based aquatic exercise format that combines specialist Poolbikes, powerful training programs and a physically demanding exercise modality. Originating in Italy in 1900s, Aqua spinning quickly spread across Europe as people discovered this form of exercise was easy on the joints, heavy on the calorie burn (up to 800 per session) and harsh on the cellulite; due to the lymphatic draining effect of water pressure many riders noticed a distinct decrease in the appearance of cellulite after training. Water resistance, like that present in AquaFit, is a mechanism to elevate heart rate, increase functional mobility, and strengthen muscles, joins and connective tissues. It can even alleviate the pain from chronic conditions, including back pain, and it won’t leave you feeling sore for days.

Whether you are starting your fitness journey, recovering from an injury or a pro in the gym, this is a workout that will work for everyone. If you would like to find out more about an AquaFit class near you, email hello@aquafit.ae or you can call 0507159187


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